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The Avatar Arena is the most popular of the four arenas, in which Gaians can pit their avatar against thousands of others every week in hopes of placing in the top ten. Entry costs use to be Gold3.gif1k, however, in June 2011 the entry fee was raised to Gold3.gif5k and later Gold3.gif10k. With the entry fee raised the top prizes were raised as well, first place went from 50K to 150K, second place 30K to 100K, third place now gives a prize of 75K, a 55K increase from 20,000 Gold and fourth through to tenth all win is now for 50,000 Gold when it was previously 10,000 Gold.

Winners are usually well-coordinated outfits, exceptional cosplays, or make inventive use of items. Many users, however, rate 10/10 for other users in hopes that they will be rated a 10 in return. Because of this, plain avatars receive unusually high scores.

The Avatar Arena can be discussed in the subforum simply named Avatar Arena.

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