The Arenas are competitions, similar to Rate-me sites, in which Gaians can enter their art, avatars, homes and writing to be rated from one to ten by other Gaians. Since users make gold by voting and commenting, people vote as spam.

Arenas were given a massive update July 2008, which included the arrival of the Writing Arena. As well as this, the overall layout was changed to be easier to navigate and more aesthetically pleasing, and categories to the Art Arena and Avatar Arena were introduced.

Avatar ArenaEdit

The Avatar Arena is an avatar costume contest separated into two categories: Original and Cosplay. An avatar poses on a small stage where other Gaians rate it using a star system from one to five. The Avatar Arena is more often than not a contest to see who has the most creative avatar and matching description.

Art ArenaEdit

The Art Arena is a place where users submit their art for rating. The Art Arena used to house monthly art contests where users could win rare medals as wearable items, but has since stopped. Users now enter simply for the fun of trying to make it to the top ten, getting comments on their work, and / or getting higher ratings.

The last Gaia Art Arena Contest ended in December of 2003; contests were theme based picked by the staff. The first prize was the Gold Medal, given out to the top rated picture of the contest. It is currently the rarest item on Gaia as it is not likely to ever be given out again. A gold medal has never been sold on the market place, thus its value is unknown. The Silver Medal was awarded to the second place winner, and the Bronze Medal was given out to the remaining 8 winners in the top ten respectively.

Currently, the future status of the Art Arena is unknown. The admins have mentioned changing around the system, perhaps making new prizes for a contest in the future.

Housing ArenaEdit

In 2006, the Housing Arena was introduced. It functions in the same way as the Avatar and Art arenas, rating the interior design of Gaian homes that are created using the Gaia Towns feature.

Writing ArenaEdit

The newest arena only available with Arenas 2.0 beta, the Writing Arena was requested by many Gaian writers. There are no prizes but writers can be ranked against each other.

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