The April Fools 2k9 event took place on April Fools Day in 2009.

The EventEdit

At around noon EST, an "OmniDrink presents Gaia Online" Logo appeared where the Gaia Online Logo is usually located. On front page, a video by Lanzer appeared, letting the Gaia Community know OMNIDRINK™ had bought out Gaia. There was a link to the profile page of OmniDrink, where users found out that it was a Self Improvement spray that was not to be consumed. When OmniDrink was "chugged" the item exploded.

  • Item received: Omnidrink Personal Improvement Spray


This Event also carried into Gaia's MMO, zOMG. Which involved Gaians being given a chance to fly to another Area by a magic airship, this ship is owned by Cresento. The joke was that Gaians were never taken to another Area. Instead there was a long loading screen with false status loading. After that, Gaians were loaded back into Barton Town and talked to Cresento about what happened.


OmniDrink ad

Loading Screen phrases

  • Loading Map Sound.
  • Loading Map.
  • Init Map.
  • Rendering 3D Avatars.
  • Error Loading Avatar Mesh...Reloading.
  • Reloading Map Sound.
  • Reloading 3D Assets.
  • Reinitializing Physics.
  • Initializing Quantum Acceleration.
  • Time Warping Graphic Acceleration.
  • Error: Quantum Manipulation Failure. Reseting Norm
  • Re-Reloading Map Sounds!?!
  • Are you still here?
  • Have you looked at the calendar yet?
  • Brought To You By OmniDrink
  • Napping...
  • What are you looking at?
  • You're getting annoying.
  • I'm done talking to you.
  • Goodbye.
  • Try again later.
    • Error: Load Map Timeout


  • Loading 3D Viewer
  • Initializing Camera Rotation
  • Are you still reading this? Really?
  • I figured you'd leave after the Quantum Acceleration

Completion phrase Task Completed!

"You've just completed the Tlauixcalpantecuhtliopolis mission, brought to you by OmniDrink Amalgamated Heavy Manufacturing Concern. Try the OmniDrink Personal Improvement Spray today!
OmniDrink A Brighter Future
OmniDrink products are not intended for drinking."

zOMG: Cresento questEdit

The asterisk(*) means there was a second choice when replying to Cresento.

  • Cresento: Salutations, hello, and welcome. I am Cresento, and this is my magical, marvelous, and mysterious airship.

Gaian: Airship?! Where does it go?

  • Cresento: Perhaps an easier question would be: Where doesn't it go? you see, my airship carries every traveler to a different destination. Why, I simply could not list the innumerable possibilities. One never knows what fabulous journey awaits until boarding.

Gaian: Wow! How much would a trip like that cost me?

  • Cresento: Cost? You mistake me. Thanks to our friends with the OmniDrink Amalgamated Heavy Manufacturing Concern the airship is free to all Gaians! I ask only that you indulge me with the tale of your adventure.

Gaian: 1) All you want is to know where it takes me? Why?

2) OmniDrink! Those bastards, I knew there'd be a catch! *
  • Cresento: I realized long ago that I would never see everything my airship had to show, even had I lived one-hundred lifetimes. Due to recent financial developments, I can now afford to allow others to ride my airship. With their help, I hope to discover every fantastic destination.

Gaian: And how does OmniDrink fit into all of this?

  • Cresento: OmniDrink suffers from the same unquenchable thirst for knowledge as myself. They simply want to know what is out there.

Gaian: 1) Hmm, that sounds harmless enough. Allow me to ride your airship and I will tell you where it takes me.

2) No! It's not knowledge they want! They'll use your airship to pillage Gaia! *
  • Cresento: Then it is agreed! Climb the ladder, board my airship, and when your journey is at its end return here to tell me what you have seen.
You climb the ladder and board Cresento's Magic Airship.

  • Cresento: Hooray, (Username) returns! Tell me, friend, where did my airship take you?

Gaian: Uhg, you crazy fool. It didn't take me anywhere!

  • Cresento: What do you mean it didn't take you anywhere? I saw you board and fly away.

Gaian: I know, but I'm telling you it didn't go anywhere. It just flew around for a while and then I crashed!

  • Cresento: Crashed?! The airship is undamaged and you are uninjured. I find it hard to believe that you crashed.

Gaian: It wasn't that sort of crash.

  • Cresento: Don't be silly, what other kind of crash is there?

Gaian: Nevermind, you wouldn't understand.

  • Cresento: Very well, I shall take you at your word. However, if the airship did not take you anywhere I suppose we have nothing left to discuss. Good day.

Gaian: Uhm, bye.

OmniDrink has granted you an item reward.

Gaian reaction & External linksEdit

Though many found that another April Fools involving an exploding item boring and uncreative, the appearance of OMNIDRINK™ was positive.

The Gaians that played zOMG kept up appearances by spreading the joke about being taken to another Area in an Airship. In spreading the joke, the phrase "Watch out for AirSharks!!" was spawned. This carried over to the EI Fremere's Guard, where the item "Fremere's Awesomely Astounding Air Shark" can be equipped. Eventually zOMG actually received an enemy called an AirShark for a Mini Event.

A guide that appeared during April Fools, that passed itself off as a real guide.

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