The April fools 2k7 event was a event that took place on April fools day in 2007.

The EventEdit

At approximately 3:00 est on April 1st 2007 all users on Gaia had a Giftbox floating on there screen indicating a random event. This was the black magical giftbox. Many users opened it up and received a platinum halo. When equipped the item "blew up".

The itemEdit

On April 3rd 2007, Gaia changed the name of the platinum halo to the soot face explode. This was the clear sign that Gaia had pulled a April fool on all of Gaia. The black magical giftbox was also changed to the worthless black giftbox.


Many users thought the idea was "boring or lame". Most users also had a want for a platinum halo. In June 2007 Gaia released the Mythrill Halo.

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