April ygs Rina1.png "A perfectly wrapped blue gift box. It seems to be ticking... What will happen if I open it? O_O"
 Began  = April 1, 2004
 Ended  = April 1, 2004
 Previous  = None
 Next   =  April Fools 2k5  

The April Fools 2k4 was Gaia Online's first April Fools event.


April ygs Rina

NPC:Rina on April Fools 2k4.

This Event marked Gaia's first April Fools. By giving Gaians a giftbox (found on World Map) and upon being opened, exploded in the Gaians face. The face was marked with soot; a white eyed look of surprised was on the Gaians face, the soot stayed on regardless of attempts to remove it by changing outfits. The day also marked the appearance of the Blue Giftbox.

Event timelineEdit

  • April 1
April Fools day

Event conclusionEdit

The event concluded within the same day. An announcement was made informing those on how to remove the soot face, which was done by simply re-saving the avatar.[1]

Criticism & ComplimentsEdit

While some Gaians found the trick funny, others were upset and some were confused.[2][3][4] Some Gaians managed to accidentally create a glitch with the Giftbox, this spawned the creation of the Invisibobs, which were avatars that were merely black soot faces and gray default boxers.[5][6][7] Upon finding the the soot face would disappear after the event was over, spurred the creation of a petition to possible keep it.[8][9]

Event ItemsEdit

Ci gif GiftboxBlue 2k4

Flying Blue Giftbox

While there were technically no items received from the event, it was the creation of the flying giftbox that eventually became apart of the Random Events around Gaia. The random events involving giftboxes were the earliest forms of Chance Items.

Additional infoEdit


  • While some users managed to save the soot face and glitch on mule accounts, with the server jumping from to, they have become unavailable for viewing.
  • The April Fools 2k9 even reintroduced the soot face with the release of Black Magical Giftbox.[10]

Technical issuesEdit


Invisibob glitch

Site & Forum

The Invisibobs

Staff NoticesEdit

  • Posted: Thu Apr 01, 2004

Concerning Black Faces...PLUS, How to Remove them.

It is not permanent. It will wear off after 24 hours.

Take care and April Fool's!

See alsoEdit

  • April Fool items


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External linksEdit

  • Icon announceAnnouncement Concerning Black Faces...PLUS, How to Remove them. - Notice, announcement no longer visible

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