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The April Fools 2k11 event took place on April Fools Day in 2011.


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Welcome to Meowbook

AprilFools2k11 MyGaia

My Gaia - Meowbook style

Upon signing into the site, Gaians were redirected to the My Gaia page, there they were greeted with a blue themed page and cat heads occupying their friends thumbnail box. In the my stats box their avatar was also seen with a cat head. The event header also contained various cat heads and the clickable logo brought to you by Meowbook. Within the header was a tabby striped Wing Sticker and flying around the screen was a Pink Giftbox. Upon clicking these three links, Gaians would receive event items.


Lanzer: AnnouncementEdit

  • Apr 1 Please welcome Meowbook! [1]

Hello Gaians!

I’ve got exciting news for everyone! For an undisclosed amount of cash, stock and meow mix, Gaia interactive had been acquired by Meowbook. You will be pleased to see the immediate changes that had been made by our new talented crew of feline developers, and there are many more still to come!

For more information about the upcoming changes, please refer to this statement from our new CEO, the honorable Chairman Meow.



Mrooowww. Meeoow. Mow? Mwow. Maaarrwwm. Meoooww. Mang.

Mrow, Meow

AprilFools2k11 ChairmanMeow

Though there may be a period of adjustment caused by some upcoming personnel changes, I know that Gaia will come out stronger than ever.

Sincerely, Lanzer


Word FilterEdit

These are the words that appeared during event when typing in the Gaia forums or on zOMG!. When the filter was set to strong, the text around the site changed to text relating to cats. All curse words would render as "meowmeowMEOW", the known curses not to get this were "Damn" and "Hell". [1]

Site, Staff

  • Gaia = MeowBook
  • Chatterbox = meowmeowmeowawkbox
  • Fish bin = Dumpster Dive
  • Lanzer = CEO Peterbald Ocelot
  • Diedrich = giant feral cat thing
  • Mod = panther

Person misc.

  • Child = kitten
  • Children = Kittens
  • God = Bastet

Misc Words

  • Great = grfeed+on
  • Hate = hfed+on
  • Later = lfed+onr
  • Really = +MeowBook / +gaia
  • Update = updfed+on
  • Water = Wfed+onR


  • Ate = fed+on
  • Eat = feed+on
  • Fight = catfight
  • Hiss at = hfeed+on

Event ItemsEdit

  • World's Best Jeans - I've got a rather pleasant feeling in my nether regions...
  • Premium Cat Feast - A free promotional tin of Premium Cat Feast, from MEOWBOOK! Looks so delicious YOU'LL WANT TO EAT IT YOURSELF

Special ItemsEdit

  • Cat Faces - What immortal hand or eye / Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

Criticism & Compliments:Edit

Due to April Fools' Day being a mix of positive and negative reactions in general, Meowbook received similar reaction, the positive being that the prank was more obvious compared to previous years and since Gaians usually criticize Gaia Online for trying to be Facebook (or even associating with it) the theme had impact.

Some users had an issue with the cat heads covering avatars and the motif and wanted an option to opt-out. Usually that was met with others suggesting a user to sign off the site for the day. There was a controversy when it came to the function of the word filter, and that was the word "God" being changed to "Bastet" (feline goddess of Ancient Egyptian religion), users who brought up the matter found it to be censorship or insulting to one's religion. The use of the filter was found to be intrusive to some, even though a setting change would have rendered the cat themed text back to default. [2]

With the cat heads bringing amusement to those who enjoyed the event, users tried to match their random cat head with their avatar, and the emotes were well received and the threads requesting to keep them were frequent. The event was complimented for being well put together and clever, the items were also liked as April Fools events and its items are minor in comparison to other events. To those who did not enjoy the event it was said to be poorly put together and less believable as a joke than in previous years, and though the items were liked for the event they were considered minor in comparison to other events.


  • The theme of the event is clearly a parody on Facebook. [3]
  • A day before the event some of the Gaia staff made journal entries stating that they were leaving Gaia Online.
  • This is the fourth time for the Quote Transmitted Disease to appear. However, this one differed by placing the overlay on Gaians as they signed into the site.
  • When commenting and landing on the Your post has been submitted. page, Gaians would often hear meowing.
  • There was a total of 48 cat heads, and the item Cat Faces was obtainable by Dumpster Diving. The method of release for the item was seen as unfair due to rarity.
  • There were emotes redone to look like cat heads, minus the emotes: heart, cheese, dramallama, and wahmbulance.
  • A Mini-Comic titled Mew Mew (Mew Meow Mwee!) was created. There is not plot to it, as it is rather random and consist of onomatopoeia's.
  • On March 31st a Gaian was able to screen cap an explosion in Port of Gambino, however it was speculation if it was for April Fools or Easter.

Dev AlertsEdit

  • Apr 02

April Fools Event

Hey everyone, hope you enjoyed our April Fools event!

The event will continue over the weekend however I will be disabling the forum cat heads,emoticons, and wordfilter changes so that everyone doesn't get to distracted by all the cuteness. icon_smile

The remaining elements of the event will remain active until Sunday at midnight.

So long and thanks for all the fish!

-Meowbook Staff


AprilFools2k11 whatshotmodule homepage thumb
AprilFools2k11 whatshotmodule homepage bkgd
AprilFools2k11 wing sticker header-tabby-orange
AprilFools2k11 meowbook header2
AprilFools2k11 MyGaia2
AprilFools2k11 QTD
Example of a Gaians with cat heads
AprilFools2k11 giftbox pink
AprilFools2k11 received jeans
Received by clicking Pink Giftbox
AprilFools2k11 signup button
AprilFools2k11 received premiumcatfeast
Received by signing up for Meowbook
AprilFools2k11 catemotes
Eir catpreview art
AprilFools2k11 npc 0 ian 24bit cat
AprilFools2k11 npc 0 rufus 24bit cat
AprilFools2k11 npc 0 moira 24bit cat
AprilFools2k11 npc 0 sasha 24bit cat
AprilFools2k11 npc 0 josie 24bit cat
AprilFools2k11 npc 0 edmund 24bit cat
AprilFools2k11 npc 0 louie 24bit cat
AprilFools2k11 npc 0 liam 24bit cat
AprilFools2k11 npc 0 ruby 24bit cat
AprilFools2k11 npc 0 peyo 24bit cat
AprilFools2k11 npc 0 carl 24bit cat
AprilFools2k11 npc 0 agatha 24bit cat
AprilFools2k11 npc 0 vanessa 24bit cat
AprilFools2k11 npc 0 natasha 24bit cat
AprilFools2k11 npc 0 devin 24bit cat
AprilFools2k11 npc 0 sam 24bit cat
AprilFools2k11 npc 0 nicolae 24bit cat
AprilFools2k11 npc 0 rina 24bit cat
AprilFools2k11 npc 0 logan 24bit cat
AprilFools2k11 npc 0 becky 24bit cat
AprilFools2k11 npc 0 wingscouts 24bit cat
AprilFools2k11 npc 0 bildeau 24bit cat
AprilFools2k11 npc 0 ribateau 24bit cat
AprilFools2k11 npc 0 brennivin 24bit cat
AprilFools2k11 npc 0 kanoko 24bit cat
AprilFools2k11 npc 0 radiojack 24bit cat

See also & External linksEdit

  1. Gaia Thread: April Fool~ Fill in Posted: Fri Apr 01, 2011 10:57 am
  2. Gaia Thread: Meowbook Was Pretty Cool Until I Ran Into This... Posted: Fri Apr 01, 2011 2:13 pm
  3. Official Site: Facebook

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