Apr1 2010 scapheader

The April Fools 2k10 event took place on April Fools Day in 2010.


Apr1 2010 TheRise

Signing into the site, Gaians were met with a drop down swf screen with a video image in the corner titled "THE RISE" He can't do it alone!, along with that was a "Loading..." text repeating itself. With a click of the "Get it now!" button, Gaians were lead to a page titled SUSHI 404 ERROR and the page displaying "404 ERROR: PAGE NOT FOUND"; the link was

Apr1 2010 Sushi404Error


admin: AnnouncementsEdit

  • Announcement: Our April Fool's event is out! [1]

Our traditional April Fools' Day mini-event is ready to roll! We're doing something a little different this year, so get ready for some fun, foolishness and some tasty new storyline content.

To get in on all the action and claim your 2010 April Fools' item, just click here:

Join In

(Note: a small percentage of users are reporting being unable to get into the event. This is likely due to normal site load issues, and it should be ironed out within a few minutes. Thanks for your patience.)

  • Announcement: Our April Fool's event is out!

Edit: Good news: the April Fools' event is now all fixed up and ready to go!

However, our server logs indicate that an extremely small percentage of users are experiencing persistent problems reaching our April Fools event. We've been trying to track down the source of the errors, but everything looks fine on our end; if you're still having problems with the event, you might try the following things:

  • Have you refreshed Gaia by pressing the F5 key?
  • Have you tried navigating to another site, then returning to Gaia, then navigating to another site, and then returning to Gaia again? Sometimes this works.
  • Have you flushed your home's electrical cache? This is usually to the left of the water heater.
  • Have you checked the bottom of your mouse for the FCC compliance logo? While you're at it, you should blow in the bottom to get the dust out.
  • Have you contacted your local Internet Bureau to ensure that your city legislature has adopted the relevant HTML 5 standards?

If this still doesn't work for you, don't worry. We'll keep looking into the issues and report back if we find any lingering errors.

  • Announcement: Our April Fool's event is out!

Update: Since certain users are still reporting problems with our April Fools' event, we've created a temporary workaround so affected members can still get the event item. For a short time, any event error pages generated during event will contain an item grant link to claim the event item:

Claim Your Item

If you've already earned the item by playing the event, please don't claim another one; due to a minor server issue, we were only able to create about 3,000 of them, which will barely cover the number of users affected by the glitches. If we run out, our artists will have to create the item from scratch all over again.

Thanks for sticking with us through all the crazy April Fools' errors today. Looks like we've finally got the item working, so try checking it out again. Your Gaia experience should return to normal now.

If you never got a chance to grab the item, please get it while you can!

Claim Your Item

Stay tuned for something a little different tomorrow *wink*


Dernier*Cri returned with a high priced item:

  • Dazzling Gilded Diamond By Dernier*Cri

A precious gold plated gem commemorating a very special day...

(362,415,798 gold)

Event ItemsEdit

Event items: April FoolsEdit

Phoenix Up 
Repeated use of this magical feather will result in fascinating materializations.
(the item later changed to Ash Face)


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