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[[File:*2k*_|500px|center|The official logo of ...]] {{Infobox/Event |image = |image_size = |name = |caption = |Began = [[April]] 1, [[2014]] |Ended = April 1 |Previous = |Next = Not available }} The '''EVENT''' was ''[[Gaia Online]]'s'' # "event" event. ==Overview== TBA ==Event timeline== *Month date :State what happened ==Announcements== ===[NPC] Diedrich=== {{Dialog 01|avatar = |name = |title1 = {{Link-gaia|at|91267147|Hi Gaia, hi! Happy foolish day and birthday to me!|[NPC] Diedrich Tue Apr 01, 2014 12:09 pm}} |content1 = Hi Gaia, hi! Did you know that it is April Fools Day and that it is also my birthday? OH YAY FOR ME BEING BORN! I am so excited about being born. I make the world much happier and greener! Did you know that the animals are plotting to take over Gaia? I DIGRESS! I am having a little party in my special forum today to celebrate myself and foolishness. Not that I am foolish - I am a very serious president. Very serious. But I like cake! CAKE! @presdiedrich Come join us for fun and maybe cake and maybe some foolishness. Maybe. I guarantee nothing! User Image OK CLICK THIS NOW! GO TO THE PARTY! YAY! }} [Animal] Mini Astra-1: Jiggly Eyes a bit of glue and... *shake* *shake* Astra-220: Jiggly Eyes a bit of glue and... *shake* *shake* ==Event conclusion== TBA ==Criticism & Compliments== TBA ==Event Items== ==="item set"=== Gaians were able to "activity" in [[Gaia Shop]]s or in [[Gaia Towns]] to --earn Spirited clothing. --earn candy to give to [[NPC:Jack|Jack]] in return for Jack themed clothing. [[File:*2k*_items_.png]] *{{Mp-gaia|c|#|item|description}} ===Other items=== *{{Mp-gaia|c|#|item|description}} ===Shops=== ====[[Map:|]]==== *{{Mp-gaia|c|id|item|description}} ==[[Achievements]]== {{Main||l1=}} ==Additional info== ===Trivia=== *TBA ==="activity" quotes=== {{Scrollbox|content= Content }} ==Gallery== {{See also|}} {{Gallery || }} ==Technical issues== ;Site & Forum ;Gaia Towns ==Staff Notices== {{Scrollbox|content= {{Link-gaia|sn|thread id|Staff Notice title|Name Date}} }} ==See also== * [["Name of Event" 2k* guide]] * [["event" items]] ==References== {{Reflist}} ==External links== * [ Landing page] Name of Event ''Announcement forum'' {{Link-gaia|at|id|Title|Name Date}} ''Event forum'' {{Link-gaia|fm|1081|Diedrich's Foolish B-Day Party}} {{Link-gaia|at|91266705|Diedrich's Foolish B-Day Rules & Guidelines|The Admin Tue Apr 01, 2014 10:14 am}} {{Link-gaia|st|91266841|My Foolish Birthday Party Contest - Yay for me!|[NPC] President Diedrich Tue Apr 01, 2014 10:29 am}} {{Link-gaia|st|91269933|The Animal Takeover has started!|[NPC] Meowthina Tue Apr 01, 2014 1:56 pm}} {{Link-gaia|sfm|id|Subforum|Summary}} [[Category:Event]] [[Category:April Fools' Day event]] [[Category:2014 Event]]

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