Anti-Cute Team (also known as Team anti-cute) is a group introduced during the 2013 Easter event. It consist of Gaia NPCs who left decorated eggs for Gaians to collect.



The group was established by Easter Bunny, a mech suited bunny who declared war on cuteness after an announcement by Gaia's first President, a grunny named Diedrich, who at the time declare the month of March as a time for cuteness. The primary creatures involved in the group are robotic lapins called Rabbots.


The involved NPCs had the ability to leave decorated eggs in their supporters thread. They could claim an opponents thread by occupying it for, at the most, five minutes.


Easter 2013Edit

The Easter Bunny declared war on cuteness after President Diecrich announced that March was to be declared Cutie-Pie month. A manga (#63 Easter 2013) was released prior to the event establishing a connection to a previous manga (#7: Jack vs. Santa 1) involving the Easter Bunny's current mecha appearance. The purpose of the event was about collecting eggs for the chosen team and having NPCs take over an opposing rival's thread.

Member listEdit


Their rival is the Cute Team and supporters of cuteness.

Additional infoEdit


" (A Rabbot is near! If the Cute team doesn't post 50 times in 5 minutes, he'll ruin the thread with all his thumping!)

(The Rabbot has stolen the thread! A major blow has been struck against cuteness.)
(The Rabbot hops away shamefully.)
(The Rabbot whirs menacingly. Team Cute must post 50 times in 5 minutes or Rabbots will overrun the thread!)
(You hear the metallic clank of a hopping-mad Rabbot. Team Cute had better post 50 times in 5 minutes, or the thread will be lost!)" — Assorted actions

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  • Easter 2k13 Bunny Bomb
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  • March 19, 2013 - Easter 2k13


  • March 20, 2013 - #63 Easter 2013 (Easter Bunny only)


Easter2k13 antieggs
Anti-Cute eggs
Easter2k13 Avatar ChromeRabbot
[NPC] Chrome Rabbot
Easter2k13 Avatar GunmetalRabbot
[NPC] Gunmetal Rabbot
Easter2k13 Avatar JetRabbot
[NPC] Jet Rabbot

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