The Anime/Manga/Comics forum is one of several subforums nested in the Entertainment Forum section of Gaia Online's main forums page. Though it is but a small part of the full Gaia Online experience, it has become one of the most recognizable part of the Gaia experience, seeing (mostly insulting) references to itself on all parts of the web.

Forum UseEdit

The Anime/Manga/Comics forum (also known as the A/M/C or AMC) is one of the more popular discussion forums on Gaia, attracting both new and seasoned users at all hours. The forum is rarely empty, and dozens of new new threads are made on the main board every hour. The forum is host to several subforums that are related to the main topic of Anime, Manga and Comics: the Anime Series and Movies Subforum, which is used to discuss those series which have not yet aired on US television; the Manga Subforum, which is used to discuss Asian comics and those Western comics that attempt to follow a manga format; the Cosplay and Conventions Subforum, in which users discuss cosplay choices and real-life Anime-related conferences/events, theTV Anime Subforum, used for discussion pertaining to those series which have aired on US television; Comics Discussion, which is home to Western comic discussions; and the Animation/Cartoons Subforum, in which discussions pertaining to Western animation are held.

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