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An Animated Item (AI) is a Premium Item that display frames of animations when equipped to an avatar.

Animated Items were introduced May 27, 2010, when the twin stars Mintaka & Rigel took over the La Victoire. The items are crafted by their younger siblings stars Saiph & Hatsya. With these new items, a new tab appeared in the Gaia Inventory titled "Animated" (now "Astra" as of 2016).

Types of Animated ItemsEdit

Animted items faq

Animated Items FAQ and promo

  • Animated Item - Will be known as the primary name on the Gaiapedia. As stated they were released in May 2010.
    • Human Item These are Animated Items created for the default Human Avatars.
    • Paw Item - These are Animated Items created for Animal Avatars.
  • Animated Chance Item - This refers to Chance Items containers and bundles that release Animated Items.
  • Animated Item Bundle - These bundles contain individual Animated Items.


  • The animation for the items function by SWF (Shockwave Flash). These animations can be 'paused' in the forums by the account settings.
  • To hype of the then new feature various Administrators and Moderators were seen with items. When Gaians took noticed and created discussions the Administrators and Moderators pretended that they had no clue what was going on.
  • Originally the first set of items (Spectacular Golden Halo, Baron the Lively Owl, and Sweet Charming Blush) had a limit to how long they would be animated.
    • This concerned Gaians who left feedback about the limit. It was from that feedback that the object, Blessed Stellarite was released; it was a rare 'element' that could power the items for a month. This feature has since been disabled.
  • In July 2010 Animated Items were given the title of "Astra" followed by a Roman Numeral.
    • In June 2014 this form of titling has been discontinued.

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