06 Club Verge Custom Gaian SDPlus!Edit

pm 2k16apr06 clubverge

Club Verge Custom Gaian SDPlus! - [NPC] P.U.G. Wed Apr 6 2016 13:04:01

Ah, a hearty hello and hooray to my delightful, darling Vergers! It's been quite a while, hasn't it? Even longer in dog years of course. I've returned to let you all know of a momentous occasion: The coveted Club Verge Custom Gaian SDPlus boxes have returned to Club Verge! Splendid, isn't it?

Getting yourself a Club Verge Custom Gaian SDPlus guarantees you the opportunity to become your very own SDPlus doll! These SDPlus dolls are fully functional, tradable, and equippable and come with two customizable poses. Do take a peek in Club Verge soon, my charming Vergers! Toodle-oo!

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