Private message: Club VergeEdit

From: [NPC] P.U.G.
To: Username
Posted: Day Month date, year Time
Subject: Happy Birthday from Verge!

Dearest Verge member,

We heard a wild rumor that it's your birthday! To celebrate this momentous day and thank you for your generous patronage, we've sent you a small birthday gift. Enjoy!

To open your gift, look for the Club Verge gift box in your inventory.


12 Something New in Club Verge!Edit

Pm clubverge 2k13aug12

Pm clubverge 2k13aug12.png

Something New in Club Verge! - [NPC] P.U.G Mon Aug 12 2013 17:08:05

Salutations, Vergers—The life of a shopkeeper is never dull. My day is usually jam packed with exhausting tasks such as sleeping, taking inventory, resting, greeting customers, and lunch. This leaves me precious little time to spend on other activities, but after a particularly taxing attempt at catching my tail I was struck by an incredible flash of brilliance: what if there was a way to make my chances of a successful tail-catching greater somehow?

Allow me to introduce a special treat for this month, Starlight Redemption: Shooting Star. This exceptional item is on the cutting edge of chance-related technology; it guarantees its user an automatic jump to the final stage of a CI, significantly increasing their chance of obtaining victory. In addition, we're offering our customers an amazing bundle deal: nine Starlight Redemptions and one Starlight Redemption: Shooting Star. However, this exciting opportunity won't last long—the Starlight Redemption: Shooting Star will be gone from Club Verge's shelves by August 19!

But that's not all! This month we will also be releasing an exclusive new recolor of Stellar Rain called Stellar Night that I'm absolutely drooling over. Literally. Don't worry, I'll be sure to wipe it off. So come visit Club Verge today and see all the amazing new items we have in store for you!

16 Flash SALE on Stellar Night!Edit

Pm clubverge 2k13aug16

Pm clubverge 2k13aug16.png

Flash SALE on Stellar Night! - [NPC] P.U.G Fri Aug 16 2013 12:08:27

Greeings, Vergers—I've got such exciting news to share. It's just—oh, heavens, it's almost too exciting! At this rate I might need my inhaler. Please, give me a moment to recover from my glee-induced hyperventilation. It's just that I'm so happy, Vergers. I found out my poem entitled "Kibble: A Life Without Bacon" is being published and I feel as if my heart may burst from joy, or possibly chronic valvular disease!

Please, friends. Allow me to share this moment with you. To celebrate this most auspicious of occasions, I am going to put the imminently fashionable Stellar Night on sale in Club Verge until 11:59 PM PST. No, no, there is no need to thank me. Simply be sure to pick this month's copy of "Pug Life" and always support your local canine artists.

Tata for now!

19 Club Verge Sale!Edit

Pm clubverge 2k13aug19

Pm clubverge 2k13aug19.png

Club Verge Sale! - [NPC] P.U.G Mon Aug 19 2013 17:08:36

Hey Gaians!

It's me, your friend who's a pug. I just woke myself up from a nap by snoring too hard, and it's a good thing I did! Club Verge is starting a sale at 5pm tonight which is, like, right now! Sinful Spice has a huge discount from 5000 GC to only 3000 GC and Sainte Ciel—full evolved, and which gives your choice of Sainte Agape or Sainte Eros—has reappeared for only 2500 GC. However, I am still badly in need of sleep, and will only be able to offer this sale until tomorrow at 5 pm PST. I could actually die if I get to nap enough so please forgive me.

Cygnus and that infernal cat have also informed me that Starlight Redemption Shooting Star and its bundle will be leaving the shop soon as well. So after visiting Club Verge, stop by La Victoire to get that before it leaves!

If you catch me sleeping in Club Verge while you are shopping, please just leave the Gaia Cash under my chin.

20 Sale and Items Leaving Shop~Edit

Pm clubverge 2k13aug20

Pm clubverge 2k13aug20.png

Sale and Items Leaving Shop~ - [NPC] P.U.G Tue Aug 20 2013 17:08:40

Hello Vergians!

Do you like sales? I do. I rank them somewhere between sleeping in the sun until I am nearly dead and finding a piece of pepperoni under the couch. And because I like the things I like, I am having another sale!

Beginning at 5pm PST NeoGaia Anti-Hero will be on sale at half price for 24 hours! YOu can pick it up for the Inconsequential cost of 1500 GC, down from its normal cost of 3000. Get it while it's hot because I will soon lose focus and look for more couch food.

While I've got your attention, let me inform you that Ivory Flourish Wings and NeoGaia Anti=Hero will be leaving the shop on Wednesday 8/28.

OK, friends. That's it. Come by Club Verge and get your NeoGaia Anti-Hero while it's on sale!

21 A pink update?Edit

Pm clubverge 2k13aug21

Pm clubverge 2k13aug21.png

A pink update? - [NPC] P.U.G Wed Aug 21 2013 12:08:09

Dearest Vergers,

Did you know that in my younger years I was a successful model? It's true. Before I found my true calling as proprietor of Club Verge, my stunning visage used to grace the covers of dog calendars all around the world! My most famous look featured me in an extremely haute couture pink bonnet with matching pink booties, nestled snuggly in a pink stroller. Frankly, I've never looked better.

Well, my modeling days are over, but my appreciation for pink and the amazing effect it had on my complexion still lingers. And so, today, I am releasing Blush Flourish Wings and Graceful Lunarian for your delectation. I can only on hope that the glorious pinkness of these items makes you look half as attractive as I did!

28 New stock in shop!Edit

Pm clubverge 2k13aug28

Pm clubverge 2k13aug28.png

New stock in shop! - [NPC] P.U.G Wed Aug 28 2013 15:08:54

Greetings Vergers,

Did you notice? You did, didn't you? I've painted my nails, and I've taken to curling my tail on the other side. I just wanted to look exceptionally nice for this exciting announcement. You did notice it, right? I'll have you know that this pedicure was very expensive. Do you know how much it costs to paint the nails of four different paws? I try so hard too look good for you!

Thankfully you won't have to put in nearly as much effort with these amazing new fashions in Club Verge. Midnight Cardinal is a brand new set available for only 3,000 GC. Wow so sultry and seductive! We also have brilliant new recolor of the beloved Mad Hatter, Fool's Hatter! To celebrate this shiny new version, Fool's Hatter will be on sale for only 3,000GC during it's first two days. Get it now because on Friday the price will jump to 5,000GC.

Also remember that this Saturday is the last day to get the August Mythrill items and Sinful Spice. I can't wait to see what new inventory will arrive!


01 It's the 1st of SeptemberEdit

Pm clubverge 2k13sep01

Pm clubverge 2k13sep01.png

It's the 1st of September - [NPC] P.U.G Sun Sep 1 2013 00:09:05

Goodness me! Is it the first already?! Why, I was so busy pondering life's greatest mysteries like "What is that smell coming from under the rug?" and "How much grass can I eat before I get sick?", that I completely forgot it was September already.

As you know my cutie-pup Vergers, the first means we get a brand new stock of Mythrill items. This months color is the fabulous NAVY. I do have to admit I look rather dashing in a good navy.

I'd also like to celebrate the impending change of seasons with a very appropriate recolor. Fallon the Fox is ready for fall with this gorgeous coat of burnt orange and creams. Wow this fella is about 2.86391 times more dapper than ever before! So dapper that for the next few days Fallon will be on sale for only 3,000 GC. Get him quick because on Wednesday his price will increase to 5,000 GC.


I'm gong to go back and fishing my pondering.

06 Grab this gorgeous recolor quick!!Edit

Pm clubverge 2k13sep06

Pm clubverge 2k13sep06.png

Grab this gorgeous recolor quick!! - [NPC] P.U.G Fri Sep 6 2013 13:09:38

Afternoon Vergers,

There has been so much buzz going around Gaia about Revolution Trilogy that I just had to get in on the action too. Through certain means I got a hold of an exquisite recolor which I dub The Celestial Queen of Solair.

At such a great deal of 5000 GC you better grab a copy quick because this beautiful Queen will only be available til Monday the 9th.

Your loyal,


10 A new year at ValeforEdit

Pm clubverge 2k13sep10

Pm clubverge 2k13sep10.png

A new year at Valefor - [NPC] P.U.G Tue Sep 10 2013 11:09:25

Morning Vergers—Everyone here in Gaia is so excited to start a new year in Valefor! Unfortunately I just rule 4.56B2 in the Valefor 2013 Handbook that states that no dogs are allowed within 100 meters of school grounds. This is complete nonsense and I plan to start a petition right away!

Until then let's celebrate the coming of Valefor in our own way my fuzzy Vergers... For the next 12 hours only I have put the delectable item Hocuspocus Hair on sale for only 3000 GC. Pick up this item packed with wigs quick as it will leave at 11p;m PST tonight!

16 Awesome updates to Club Verge!Edit

Pm clubverge 2k13sep16

Pm clubverge 2k13sep16.png

Awesome updates to Club Verge! - [NPC] P.U.G Mon Sep 16 2013 15:09:28

Good day Vergians!

It's the Monday after CI and you know what that means! Our special treat for this month is Return to Valefor: Hall Pass. This exceptional item is on the cutting edge of chance-related technology; it guarantees its user an automatic jump to the final stage of a CI, significantly increasing their chance of obtaining victory. In addition, we're offering our customers an amazing bundle deal: ten Return to Valefors and one Return to Valefor: Hall Pass. Or how about a lovely recolor of one of this CIs most popular items? Herbalists Lavende is a beautiful recolor all in lavenders! Now until the 19th, Herbalist Lavenda will be on sale from 5000GC for only 3500GC!

You only have till Monday 23rd to grab these awesome items, so be sure to pick one up from Club Verge today!

Lastly, on Wednesday 25th, both Icy Ascension and Blush Flourish Wings will be leaving the shop. I'll miss them terribly... let's say a fond farewell!

P.U.G. Out

18 Flash Sister Sale!Edit

Pm clubverge 2k13sep18

Pm clubverge 2k13sep18.png

Flash Sister Sale! - [NPC] P.U.G Wed Sep 18 2013 18:09:34

Hello again, my fabulous Vergians! I've been feeling a little extra fabulous today, and I'm normally pretty fabulous to begin with, I figure I better share some of that fabulous with you before I simply explode with fabulousness!

For the next 24 hours, you can purchase Little Sister for 4000 GCash and Big Sister for 7500 GCash! I know, I know—fabulous overload and for such a deal.


19 Aurora Kitten AmourEdit

Pm clubverge 2k13sep19

Pm clubverge 2k13sep19.png

Aurora Kitten Amour - [NPC] P.U.G Thu Sep 19 2013 16:09:25

Breaking news, Vergians! Today I was truck my Cupid;s arrow! But alas, my puppy love can only end in scandal, for she is a kitten and I a pug. I know it's wrong, but I can't help myself! This feline fräulein is out of this world, quite literally! My love's name is Aurora Kitten Star, and what a radiant start she is!

Previously, the only way to obtain this little beauty was through alchemy but in honor of my amour, Aurora Kitten Star will be available for Vergians for the next 24 hours only! Don't miss this opportunity to sweep up my petite cherie while she graces our presence in the Verge!

23 Raguel's Wings in ShopEdit

Pm clubverge 2k13sep23

Pm clubverge 2k13sep23.png

Raguel's Wings in Shop - [NPC] P.U.G Mon Sep 23 2013 15:09:44

Good day, Vergers,

I was so inspired by the incredible fashions we're releasing today that I felt motivated to break out the old inkwell and quill. After a few hours of manic scribbling, I managed to pen the following haiku:

Hail to thee Club Verge
Where haute couture dreams are made
I really want cheese

Honestly, I think it's my greatest work to date, topped only by today's new recolor!

The brand new Verge exclusive Reguel's Wings are available in the shop for a limited time. Don't miss your chance, they fly away Thursday, September 29!

Also, these are the final hours to purchase Herbalist Lavenda, Return to Valefor Bonus Bundle, and the Return to Valefor Hall Pass—so head over to the Cash Shop before they're gone for good!

25 New items in stock!Edit

Pm clubverge 2k13sep25

Pm clubverge 2k13sep25.png

New items in stock! - [NPC] P.U.G Wed Sep 25 2013 12:09:01

Hello Vergers,

Can you smell that? Perhaps you can't, because your nose is not nearly as sensitive an instrument as mine. Allow me to explain: it is the wondrous scent of something new.

Slate Dragoon is a brand new set sure to appease the warrior in you with dynamic pose and long flowing hair! Our strong warrior theme continues this update with a new recolor of the Arc set. Exalted Arc come sin dark shades of blacks and blues. Make sure you grab these two fantastic items soon because on Friday they'll jump in price.

I hope you have a pad and pen ready because I have a few other updates!

• A lot of Vergers whispered in my ear that they'd love to have an extra day to grab the items that were recently in the Flash Sale in La Victoire. After many hours, I was able to wrangle a deal and transferred the last of their inventory into Verge for one more day!

• I'm sad to say but I'll be retiring the Club Verge Custom Gaian SDlus (at least for a little while). If you've always wanted to immortalize your shiny avatars as a tiny doll, pick up this item fast as it will be leaving Verge in 24 hours!

• Lastly, I'm so behind in coming up with my Halloween costume that I thought I should open it up to you guys to help a pug out! I'll pick the best costume and give out some awesome prizes too! You can check out the contest here in Contests and Guild Events.

30 Tomorrow is a big day!!Edit

Pm clubverge 2k13sep30

Pm clubverge 2k13sep30.png

Tomorrow is a big day!! - [NPC] P.U.G Mon Sep 30 2013 15:09:19


I can hardly contain my excitement that tomorrow is October! So much is going on today, I thought to myself, "P.U.G baby, you beautiful thing, let's just have September go out with a BANG!". That's why I decided to put Bound Warlock, Modus Operandi 12th Gen., Minty Kisses and Melodious Witchcraft in for TODAY only!

Remember... in just a few hours I'll be retiring the September Mythrill items, Fallon the Fox and Flynn's Chest.

These are exciting days my fluffy Vergers.


01 Happy October!Edit

Pm clubverge 2k13oct01

Pm clubverge 2k13oct01.png

Happy October! - [NPC] P.U.G Tue Oct 1 2013 00:10:21

I warned you my fellow Vergers that October works would be AMAZING!

My favorite color pink is making it's appearance for this month's Mythrill items. It's almost too much pink for one pug to be able to handle but I'm made of tougher stuff (growing up on the mean streets as a runt of the littler does that to a pug).

To further celebrate the month of October, I commissioned an artist to create the lovely Chilled Doufu Hua recolor. Check it out now as it's on discount from now until Wednesday.

And finally don't forget to voice your opinions on what I should dress up for Halloween. Tons of amazing ideas have already been submitted!

*turns three times around in a circle and settles down to sleep*

02 Halloween Comes to VergeEdit

Pm clubverge 2k13oct02

Pm clubverge 2k13oct02.png

Halloween Comes to Verge - [NPC] P.U.G Wed Oct 2 2013 15:10:06

Afternoon Verger's

I know it's only October the 2nd but it's time for me to officially welcome Halloween into Club Verge! I'm sorry, I'm just too excited to wait any longer after I saw Stein received a giant batch of Halloween outfits.

I have a great update with something a little spooky and something a little cute for you to dress up in. Ebony Spiked Wings and Risky Bunny will be on a special discounted sale from now until Friday so be sure to check it out!

Also this week: have you ever missed a sale? Is there one item out there that has you drooling? Be sure to check out my new concierge service.

07 A New Unicorn Amongst Us!Edit

Pm clubverge 2k13oct07

Pm clubverge 2k13oct07.png

A New Unicorn Amongst Us! - [NPC] P.U.G Mon Oct 7 2013 12:10:00

Hello my wonderful Vergers,

I hope everyone is enjoying the month of October so far. Look like Halloween is already underway all over Gaia. So much work still left to be done!

In between adjusting my tie and breathing very loudly I was able to find enough time to acquire a most rare and beautiful item for my shop. Maia the Unicorn is a white recolor that is sure to make you go "oooo" and "aaaa". Make sure to grab it now as it will be available at a lower price only until Wednesday.

P.U.G. out!

07 Early Holiday Treat: Spice the PumpkittenEdit

Pm clubverge 2k13oct07 2

Pm clubverge 2k13oct07 2.png

Early Holiday Treat: Spice the Pumpkitten - [NPC] P.U.G Mon Oct 7 2013 16:10:54

Hello Vergians!

I was trotting around the guild today and overheard a few of you discussing a delightful item, Spice the Pumpkitten!

Because I was born to please, this item will be available in the Verge shop for one night only!


08 Keep the Treats Coming: Erebus' Moon!Edit

Pm clubverge 2k13oct08

Pm clubverge 2k13oct08.png

Keep the Treats Coming: Erebus' Moon! - [NPC] P.U.G Tue Oct 8 2013 17:10:27


It may come as no surprise to you that I love treats. What you may not be aware of is my love of Halloween: the holiday of getting treats.

So when you combine the two? Doggy bliss. So let’s keep the Halloween treats coming!

Erebus’ Moon will be available in the Club Verge shop at an extremely sweet price!

Get him while you can, before he disappears into the night... tonight at 11pm PST!

11 Classy in Black!Edit

Pm clubverge 2k13oct11

Pm clubverge 2k13oct11.png

Classy in Black! - [NPC] P.U.G Fri Oct 11 2013 11:10:22

Hello my dear vergians,

With Halloween right around the corner it couldn’t be a more perfect time to showcase one of the classiest colors: black!

Since I am a PUG of class, today I’m bringing you two timeless items: Blade of the Night Sky and Trickster’s Gimmick.

Get them fast, both disappear tomorrow!

Stay classy!

14 Midnight Citadel: Peak and Recolors in Shop!Edit

Pm clubverge 2k13oct14

Pm clubverge 2k13oct14.png

Midnight Citadel: Peak and Recolors in Shop! - [NPC] P.U.G Mon Oct 14 2013 15:10:16

Greetings and salutations, genteel Vergers! We will now be carrying Midnight Citadel: Peak in Club Verge! This exceptional item is on the cutting edge of chance-related technology; it guarantees its user an automatic jump to the final stage of a CI, significantly increasing their chance of obtaining victory. In addition, we’re offering our customers an amazing Bonus Bundle: ten Midnight Citadels and one Midnight Citadel: Peak.

But that's not all! After a furious bout of inspired foot-chewing, I've managed to broker a deal to secure two gorgeous new recolors! His Animosity and Her Illumination are now available in Club Verge as well, and are sure to dazzle you with their splendor. Truly, I cannot look directly at them. It's... it's too beautiful for one mere P.U.G. to bear!

Since I am so very thrilled to be featuring these new items in my shop, Club Verge will be having a monstrously fabulous sale on these goods! Midnight Citadel: Peak will be 1299 GC, and the Bonus Bundle will be 1999 GC! His Animosity and Her Illumination will also be discounted for your delectation. However, these items will only be marked down for two days, so you must act swiftly to pick them up at such fantastic prices! These stunning new recolors, Midnight Citadel: Peak, and the Bonus Bundle will only be in my shop until October 28, so please do pay me a visit.

15 Two new wings!Edit

Pm clubverge 2k13oct15

Pm clubverge 2k13oct15.png

Two new wings! - [NPC] P.U.G Tue Oct 15 213 17:10:30

Good afternoon Vergians,

It is little known in the Gaian world (but second nature for us pugs) that October also happens to be WINGS month!

This week I've managed to wrangle two lovely recolors! Amesha's Wings are a tiny pair of demon wings in a lovely shade of lavender. Perfect for those that are naughty and nice. If you're looking for something bigger and badder then look no further than Daniel's Wings. The hombre effect on these wings is perfect for those who like to dabble with both light and dark colors.

P.S. I just picked up the last piece of my Halloween costume and I can't wait to show it off to you guys soon!

17 Halloween Holla!Edit

Pm clubverge 2k13oct17

Pm clubverge 2k13oct17.png

Halloween Holla! - [NPC] P.U.G Thu Oct 17 2013 17:10:38


Halloween is right around the corner... Holla! Everyone seems to be flexin, mad trick'n and treat'n in the shops yo!

I’m just riding 'round adding treats to my shop... In fact, I just dropped two brand new Halloween themed items—yeah boi! Pick up Puppeteer’s Doll and Puppeteer’s Reprise! Get 'em quick, their low price won’t last forever dawg!

PUG out!

22 Hallowizzel to rizzel!Edit

Pm clubverge 2k13oct22

Pm clubverge 2k13oct22.png

Hallowizzel to rizzel! - [NPC] P.U.G. Tue Oct 22 2013 14:10:14

Watup Vergers!

Halloween is in da house and I'm busy bustin moves in Vengence... I get pretty fierce when I'm cornered.

In the meantime, I've acquired two freakishly fresh dark sets and just in time for Hallowizzel fo rizzel. Ruby Spiked Winged is a haunting recolor of the Spiked Wings.Siolfor Summoning is a brand new set with bumpin mods and fierce eyes.

Heads-up yo! A few items will be leaving this Friday dawg. Exalted Arc, Slate Dragoon, Midnight Cardinal, Graceful Lunarian, Fool's Hatter, and Astra-67: Dazzling Platinum Halo are all bouncing so grab 'em quick!

25 Newizzle item in Vergizzle!Edit

Pm clubverge 2k13oct25

Pm clubverge 2k13oct25.png

Newizzle item in Vergizzle! - [NPC] P.U.G. Fri Oct 25 2013 14:10:39

What's crackin Vergers?!

Before I go slip off to chill with my homies, I thought I'd drop it like it's hot with a new ballerific item, Bewitching Beauty yo! So here's what it do... enchanting long flowy hair, witchy black and teal threads and a spooky hat. Everything you need to be bumpin this Halloween, word!

Aight cuz, PUG out!

29 Angel the CatEdit

Pm clubverge 2k13oct29

Pm clubverge 2k13oct29.png

Angel the Cat - [NPC] P.U.G. Tue Oct 29 2013 13:10:01

Holla Back Vergians!

What it do bugaboo? I’m all rachet over here because I’ve met another fine feline and my head is spinnin! I can’t tell if it’s from her see-through coat or little wings... but homeboyz and homegirlz of the Verge, please meet Angel the Cat. She is bumpin and only available in The Verge for a limited time. No tea, no shade! Don’t miss your chance to bring this little lady home!! Grab yours today before the price goes up Friday, Nov 1st! W.O.R.D!

31 A Hallowizzel sale to rizzel!Edit

Pm clubverge 2k13oct31

Pm clubverge 2k13oct31.png

A Hallowizzel sale to rizzel! - [NPC] P.U.G. Thu Oct 31 14:10:42

V.E.R.G.E in da house!

It's almost the witching hour on one of the best days of the year... Hallowizzel fo rizzel! For this bumpin day I'm reppin PUG LIFE and want all of you to rock da hottest demonic stylos, so I'm putting Ebony Spiked Wings, the October Light Mythrill Devil Horns, and the October Dark Mythrill Devil Horns on sale! Holla back yo and save 30% through this spooktacular night! Also, don't forget that all the blinged out October Mythrill items and Chilled Doufu Hua are disappearing when the clock stikes midnight. W.O.R.D.


01 Bling BlingEdit

Pm clubverge 2k13nov01

Pm clubverge 2k13nov01.png

Bling Bling - [NPC] P.U.G. Fri Nov 1 2013 17:11:24

Blang Blang Vergers!

The new mythrill items for November are in stock and they're particularly blingedout with gold accents! It's 250% brighter than ever... oh fo sho! You may have also noticed that we've slashed our prices for you. For those who like shiny things, this is da month to pick these sugar babies up.

Also for the month of November we bring you Ichimeru the Purring, a delightful recolor in pinks and caramels. Ahhh hem! I mean, it's hella fine yo. Pick one up today before the price goes up dawg.

Shop Now >

P.U.G. Out!

05 Fall FashionEdit

Pm clubverge 2k13nov05

Pm clubverge 2k13nov05.png

Fall Fashion - [NPC] P.U.G. Fri Nov 5 2013 10:11:06

Greetings Vergers,

I have a confession to make. I was so excited about all the new fall fashions coming out today that I -- I decided to try some on. However, I soon discovered that these amazing items are not exactly designed for someone of my respectably husky stature. Incidentally, and on a completely unrelated note, some of the goodies this week might be slightly stretched out. But don’t let that prevent you from browsing our incredible array of new items!

Celebrate my favorite season with the all new Casual Autumn set available at a discount for a limited time only!

Visit the Verge

07 New recolor in shop!Edit

Pm clubverge 2k13nov07

Pm clubverge 2k13nov07.png

New recolor in shop! - [NPC] P.U.G. Thu Nov 7 2013 14:11:03

Good evening, Gaians.

It is I, your most humble of P.U.Gs, here to bring you more rare treasures that I have scavenged from across the globe. Many don't consider November to be a romantic month, but I know they are wrong—for what is more alluring than the falling leaves, the crisp autumn air, and the smell of terrified turkeys? Nothing, I tell you. Alas, love does not seem to be in the cards for this poor P.U.G, but I seek to celebrate romance wherever I find it! That is why I've put up the lovely new recolor Heart + Mind, dyed a brilliant crimson as a celebration of passion. Ah, such yearning it symbolizes! But you'll be able to quell your desires a little easier if you pick up this item early on, before the discounted price flees faster than a beautiful maiden upon seeing my portly visage!

Sigh. Ta-ta, Vergers!

12 Something new comes this way~Edit

Pm clubverge 2k13nov12

Pm clubverge 2k13nov12.png

Something new comes this way~ - [NPC] P.U.G. Tue Nov 12 2013 15:11:40

Good evening, beloved Vergers!

I've returned from another exhaustive item search to humbly request an audience! You see, I discovered the devious Inconsolable Hunger, and I simply could not wait to put it on Club Verge's illustrious shelves! However, it is best not to inquire as to how I stumbled upon it. Let us just say I descended somewhere dark and terrifying, and was led about by a psychopomp whose name rhymes with the word "Birgil"—and yes, I am aware that isn't a real word. It was a terrifying time, my dear friends, but this beautiful new item was worth all the horrors I witnessed. So please pick up Inconsolable Hunger today! I can only sell it at a discount for so long, alas.

Bon soir, mes amies!

14 Recolor time!Edit

Pm clubverge 2k13nov14

Pm clubverge 2k13nov14.png

Recolor time! - [NPC] P.U.G. Thu Nov 14 2013 16:11:40

Good evening, my most darling of Vergers.

As always it is I, your humble P.U.G, purveyor of fine goods and clothing. I trust you've been enjoying my merchandise? I certainly have. While none of the items fit me particularly well, I find that I quite enjoy piling them up in a corner of my shop and having a decadent nap! Don't worry, though; I make sure to wash any articles I choose to rest my rump upon most thoroughly! But if you'd like an item I haven't yet had the chance to sleep on, may I interest you in taking a look at the lovely new Lady Estelle? I could never taint such beauty by potentially napping upon it! To commemorate her arrival, our sweet lady will be sold at a discount—but only for a limited time! So do be sure to pick up Lady Estelle soon.

Bon nuit, Vergers!

18 It's CI+ FUN DAY!!Edit

Pm clubverge 2k13nov18

Pm clubverge 2k13nov18.png

It's CI+ FUN DAY!! - [NPC] P.U.G. Mon Nov 18 2013 14:11:33

Good day, Vergians!

I hope today finds you well! Today I’m selling the sweetest of opportunities: a chance to teleport to the most splendiferous groves of an enchanted forest! With Verdant Grove: Cobblestone Path you can meet your favorite fae without the hassle of trudging through the rest of the forest and it’s riff-raff. With the Verdant Grove Bundle, you’ll receive one victory and a nine pack of regular Verdant Groves.

Also in the shop starting today: check out Silkrose Stoll, an enchantingly dark fae with a dangerous beauty! Hurry, she’s on sale for a low-low price for her first few days, but that can’t last forever!

Enjoy! Yours Truly,


19 A strange CAT-astrophe...Edit

Pm clubverge 2k13nov19

Pm clubverge 2k13nov19.png

A strange CAT-astrophe... - [NPC] P.U.G. Tue Nov 19 2013 13:11:26

Hello and welcome, my most precious Vergers. Today I have a rather... difficult announcement. On one of my many excursions to find the greatest items to offer my discerning clientele, I stumbled across a place so unnatural, so frightening, that I nearly had to turn back. But thinking of you, my dear customers, I pressed on; and lo and behold, I've brought back with me a most fascinating prize. Candy Cat will no doubt please those of you who adore felines, but it is against my very nature to count myself among that group. Just looking at this item I... I find myself... GRRRR! GRRRRRR—no! You've put those days behind you, P.U.G! Please, Vergers! Come claim this item from Club Verge so that I may rid myself of it! I'll even offer a discount on it for the first few days!

Now if you'll excuse me, I must go dig a hole in the yard to relieve some stress. Adieu, friends!

21 What dreams are made of...Edit

Pm clubverge 2k13nov21

Pm clubverge 2k13nov21.png

What dreams are made of... - [NPC] P.U.G. Thu Nov 21 2013 13:11:21

Good morrow, fair Vergers! 'Tis I, your ever gracious P.U.G, with further spoils from my quest to bring you the best in couture! For this particular item I traveled into a strange land full of fluffy pink clouds and sugar stars, where streets made of ribbon candy stretched as far as the eye could see. Everything was so deliciously decadent that I thought I'd never be able to leave! I merrily traipsed about, licking anything within immediate reach, until I came upon a massive, bacon-flavored doggie bone. I was halfway through that monument to deliciousness when I finally awoke and realized I had been gnawing on my leg for the past several minutes. This has led me to two new, enlightening conclusions. One: I am delicious, and I taste of watermelons. Two: inspiration for a new item! And so my candy-coated reverie has now led to the candy-colored Stellar Dreams, a tasty new recolor for sale at Club Verge! I'll even help make your dreams come true by offering it at a discount these first few days.

Sleep sweet, my darling Vergers!

22 A sneak peek for Club Verge!Edit

Pm clubverge 2k13nov22

Pm clubverge 2k13nov22.png

A sneak peek for Club Verge! - [NPC] P.U.G. Fri Nov 22 2013 16:11:43

Guild Announcement: A sneak peek for Club Verge!

Ah, the Thanksgiving holidays. Is there anything sweeter than pumpkin pie topped with whipped cream? More sumptuous than a juicy turkey leg? Of course there is! It's you, my darling Vergers! There is nothing I am more grateful for than you. Well, okay. I'm also thankful for bacon-flavored toothpaste. But there is truly nothing I cherish more than you, my dear patrons! And so as a means of thanking you all, I've taken it upon myself to organize a little "sneak preview" of our upcoming Black Friday Sale. It promises to be a veritable cornucopia of fantabulousness! We'll not be only offering a selection of stylish items from previous releases and some brilliant new recolors, but brand new items that no one else has ever laid eyes upon! And that is what I am here to give you a glimpse of today, Vergers. I invite you to gaze upon these never before seen beauties!

Tantalizing, is it not? Almost as much as the festive Thanksgiving ham my mother is reported to be preparing. Ahem! I'm certain this year will be the biggest, most splendid Black Friday Sale ever to grace Gaia's fair storefronts, and I hope this preview helped whet your appetite for our future fashions! It certainly has mine!

Adieu, Vergers!

26 Coco DieselEdit

Pm clubverge 2k13nov26

Pm clubverge 2k13nov26.png

Coco Diesel - [NPC] P.U.G. Tue Nov 25 2013 17:11:14

Hello Vergers!

P.U.G. here. I hope everyone is excited for Black Friday, and all the tasty deals, but before that, I have some other terrific news: introducing Coco Diesel, a new set with some really neat items, including ‘Sly Lookin’ Eyes’ and ‘Long Step’. With a couple ‘dos thrown in, it’ll be sure to set you up nicely for Turkey Day. Check it out for yourself. Enjoy, and take care of yourselves out there!



01 Happy DecemberEdit

Pm clubverge 2k13dec01

Pm clubverge 2k13dec01.png

Happy December - [NPC] P.U.G. Sun Dec 1 2013 11:11:53

Morning Vergers!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous holiday season. Me? I'm still trying to recover from all that food on my favorite bark-o-lounger. I only open my eyes when I think I get a whiff of pecan pie, or in this case, because I remembered it's December 1st today.

Please enjoy the new colors of all our mythrill items available during the month of December! It's a beautiful shade of blue this month. Quite a 'chilly' color.

Stay tuned for more fun items and recolors soon!


03 An assortment of updates!Edit

Pm clubverge 2k13dec03

Pm clubverge 2k13dec03.png

An assortment of updates! - [NPC] P.U.G. Tue Dec 3 2013 11:12:46

Greetings, Vergers. Allow me to pose a question to you all: do you ever feel... indelicate? I know there are times where I curse my rugged, masculine good looks and pine to be considered "dainty" by others. Amazingly, I have found a solution: please allow me to introduce the Celeste Fleur-de-Lys, a set guaranteed to make you feel as airy and graceful as the clothing itself. And if you're looking to add that extra angelic oomph, I've also placed a set of Diri's Wings for sale in Club Verge. As usual, we'll be celebrating the arrival of these lovely new items by offering them at a discount for the first few days. Please stop by and see these beautiful new items in person soon!

There is one other thing I must address, Vergers. First, please allow me to extend a sincere paw of gratitude towards you all. You've proved to be an endless source of creativity and inspiration with your fabulous ideas for recolors. However, my mailbox is currently so stuffed full of grant requests that I simply can't keep up with the demand. I'm working hard to figure out a better, more efficient solution to handle these requests, but in the meantime I can no longer keep up with fulfilling them. I appreciate your patience while I try to sort things out, and look forward to reading all your future suggestions!

05 Swanky gents ahoy!Edit

Pm clubverge 2k13dec05

Pm clubverge 2k13dec05.png

Swanky gents ahoy! - [NPC] P.U.G. Thu Dec 5 2013 16:12:19

Hello, my dear Vergers! Ah, winter is upon us. 'Tis the season of peacoats and scarves, of fancy hats and warm leather gloves. It's so easy to look like a classy gentleman in winter! I myself have donned a particularly glitzy tie in celebration of the new season. Would you like to feel a little more gentlemanly as well? Lucky for you, I found a remarkable suit with some fashionable accessories in my travels recently. It's called Li Bello Forma, and I must say that it really is quite the fancy little number. And quite warm! I felt snug as a bug in a rug when I tried on the jacket, although that might have been because it didn't quite fit my robust frame. Nonetheless, I definitely think you ought to check it out! I've made sure it's extra affordable so that anyone can feel as classy as I do.

Adieu, darling Vergers!

10 Bells A'Ringing!Edit

Pm clubverge 2k13dec10

Pm clubverge 2k13dec10.png

Bells A'Ringing! - [NPC] P.U.G. Tue Dec 10 2013 11:12:02

Ah, Vergians!

I hope these winter times find you well! Personally, I love the winter holidays. Oversized steaks roasting on an open fire, new chew toys right under your nose… what’s not to love? Though I must confess, there is one holiday tradition that drives me absolutely bonkers… All of these bells a’ ringing! For some reason, every time I hear these melodious bells I can’t stop drooling uncontrollably!

Oh well, perhaps you will be more fond of this tradition than I! I’ve added a brand new recolor to the shop in the spirit of the season: Mellifluous Cantata! And at a festively low price for its first few days only!

Happy[;1;datedesc&item=10017967&pose=aa]Happy Holidays!

16 Checkmate Tactics: Last Stand and more!Edit

Pm clubverge 2k13dec16

Pm clubverge 2k13dec16.png

Checkmate Tactics: Last Stand and more! - [NPC] P.U.G. Mon Dec 16 2013 14:12:31

Good evening!

I'm here with another fantastic opportunity available exclusively to Vergers. As you are no doubt aware, there is an epic chess game—or battle, I'm having trouble telling which—currently going on in Checkmate Tactics. Would you like to help your side score the ultimate victory? Then may I suggest Checkmate Tactics: Last Stand? This incredible item teleports you straight to the battle field, where you can then take on the Black Queen or White King. None of this "trudging across a battlefield nonsense"—that could potentially get your clothes dirty! You might also want to consider the Checkmate Tactics: Last Stand Bundle, which comes with one of our enhanced CIs and a pack of regular Checkmate Tactics!

We also have the lovely Lady Crow now on sale, who looks most bewitching in her gray finery! I'll be selling this item at a discount for the next few days, so please visit Club Verge and take a look!

17 A frosty new addition!Edit

Pm clubverge 2k13dec17

Pm clubverge 2k13dec17.png

A frosty new addition! - [NPC] P.U.G. Tue Dec 17 2013 11:12:34

Hello, darling Vergers!

Ah, winter's chill is truly upon us. Perhaps you noticed that I have donned a most festive sweater vest? We P.U.Gs are quite capable of producing enough heat to keep us warm, what with our thick layers of fur and fat, but I like to further insulate with fashion. I was feeling most cozy, Vergers, until I started to put the new Arctic Shards on our store shelves. My paws are now absolutely frozen! But its sparkling allure was more than worth the effort, friends. Arctic Shards will be sold at a discount for the first few days, so please be sure to take a look! Alas, I must warn you: it is a cold, cold beauty. Do not try to lick it. I learned that the hard way.

I'd also like to inform you that the Ruby Spiked Wings, Amesha's Wings, Risky Bunny, and Heart x Mind will be leaving my store within the next twenty-four hours! As a celebration of their tenure here at Club Verge, all these items will be priced at a discount. 'Til next we meet, Vergers!

24 A new addition sure to cause a spectacle!Edit

Pm clubverge 2k13dec24

Pm clubverge 2k13dec24.png

A new addition sure to cause a spectacle! - [NPC] P.U.G. Tue Dec 24 2013 14:12:38

Bon soir, mes amies! Did you know that I, your ever so humble P.U.G, once performed in the circus? It's true! In my younger years I was quite gifted at jumping through hoops, walking on balls, and also being irresistibly adorable. Oh yes, I remember those circus years quite fondly. Fell in love there, in fact. Ah, my sweet Loretta—I'll never forget how wet and cold your nose was. But I digress! In celebration of my circus history, I'm here to present you with another recolor sure to astound and amaze you all! Behold Monsieur Loyal's Renewal, an item so spectacular it could hardly be contained in a three ringed tent! We'll be selling it at a discount for the first few days, so why not swing by my shop and take a look? Who knows, perhaps I'll even perform a little trick for you! If there are biscuits involved, of course.

Ta ta for now, Vergers! Oh, and very happy holiday to you all! I'll be celebrating mine with some bacon-flavored cocoa—please don't knock it until you've tried it!

31 Happy New Year!Edit

Pm clubverge 2k13dec31

Pm clubverge 2k13dec.png

Happy New Year! - [NPC] P.U.G. Tue Dec 31 2013 15:12:25

Happy New Year, my darling Vergers! It's hard to believe that 2014 is already bearing down on us like a giant mastiff that's stolen our favorite squeaky toy, but lo! The passage of time is truly the master. Well, I see absolutely no reason not to celebrate this remarkable day, my friends. I've spent the holidays traveling around, looking for the finest garments a humble P.U.G's purse can buy, and I think I found an absolute winner! Behold the Vengeful Queen, a royal item sure to send shivers down your spine. What a way to start the new year off! Please, come visit Club Verge to see this lovely new item for yourself, or perhaps browse the rest of my exquisite wares.

Adieu, Vergers! See you in 2014!

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