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12 Days of Gaia is a mini event as part of Xmas 2k13 in which between December 14th and 24th of 2013, free holiday items were given out by clicking on a light post next to the Gaia avatar.


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  • Icon announceAnnouncement Gaia's 12 Days of Giveaways has begun! - admin Fri Dec 13, 2013 10:58 pm
Hey everyone!

Once again, it's that festive time of year when we get to spend time with family and friends, eat lots of great food, and give treats to loved ones to remind them how much we care.

In the spirit of giving, we'd like to invite all of you fabulous Gaians to join in our '12 Days of Giveaways' holiday fun! For the next 12 days, we'll be giving away a free item each day to all Gaians who click on the giveaway icon (the super cute streetlamp icon) in the site header. And if you collect all 12 of the items from the daily grant, you'll receive a special bonus treat for your efforts!

Hope you enjoy the daily treats, and happiest of holidays to all Gaians!

Gaia Online Staff

Event ItemsEdit

01. Listing Xmas 2k13 Gingerbread Tie - Why eat it when you can wear it!
02. Listing Xmas 2k13 Virtuous Tassels - How are you going to keep warm in that get up?!
03. Listing Astra-114: Xmas 2k13 Shiny Nose - Find your way through the fog
04. Listing Xmas 2k13 MistleTOES - Even your toes need kisses!
05. Listing Xmas 2k13 Greatest Gift of All - Look!! I'm the present! hehee
06. Listing Xmas 2k13 Cookie Beats - Muffles outside noise remarkably well!
07. Listing Xmas 2k13 Antique Snowsled - With a wistful sense of longing, he cryptically uttered "Caaaatchphraaaase".
08. Listing Xmas 2k13 Moe Spirit Sweater - Guaranteed replies.


  • The light post used for this event are the same as they were for 2011, only they're animated.


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