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I need it!

So, why is there no listings for the Jacks' Candied Friend (Animal) item in the marketplace? i cant seem to find any, and I'm despret for it! I'm willing to trade anyone, please! My user is DoctaDoctaZoe, feel free to contact me!
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Welcome to Discussions!

This is the place to talk about your favorite topic, to share news, theories, ideas, and to connect with others. The content from your Forum has been converted to Discussions posts, so nothing has been lost.

To learn more about what you can do here, check out http://community.wikia.com/wiki/Help:Discussions

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Have fun!
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Item:Lonely Star: Gemini

does any one have information i need the test answser  tq
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Monster Galaxy not working. I don't know were to put this question.

I had been playing Monster Galaxy on Facebook. However, I now cannot play on the website or on the Facebook Games Arcade which I was told to download to play. I have the latest updates and am using Windows 10. If someone knows my problem, please let me know. Thank you.
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There used to be a lot of pages here and now there aren't, what's going on?
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Photo of my New Kitten!!!

My new kitten, I named him Hairball.
[Kiiten Pic[1]]
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No longer on Gaia?

Why does it say that Heralds of Chaos is no longer on gaiaonline?
You can still play it at gaiaonline.com/hoc
You still get gold, and you still play real people who are also on Gaia.
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Whats the code?

Im new and wanna know
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how do i change my selected battle X____X

hi o-o i cant change my selected battle even though im the one attacking while the other battle is of me being attacked <_< it made the defending battle the selected battle :L
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Welcome to the Forums!

Hello everyone!
The Wikia's new forum module was activated in an attempt to increase forum traffic and reduce the impact on talk pages that tend to cause drawn out or off-topic discussions. Notice that the forums are not blogs and in order to have a blog you should create an account.

What belongs on the Forums
General Discussion - This board is for general conversations about the wiki. Such as Gaia Online, Games, Items, NPC, Storylines etc.
Off-Topic Discussion - Similar to the Watercooler of old, this forum is slightly laxed. Off-topic discussion, introductions; talk about anything you want, just keep it within reason. It can include games and fun posts; it doesn't mean spamming will be tolerated.
Questions and Answers - Questions pertaining to the wiki or Gaia Online, but do note site questions are best left to Gaia Online itself by use of the "Site Questions & Assistance" forum and the official help guide.
Wiki Discussion - Discussions of wiki related issues; users, modules, and projects. Discussions of article content, layout, and improvements. etc
News and Announcements - Important news pertaining to the wiki and Gaia (Topic creation is primarily by admins and helpers with colored names). If contributors want to comment on a topic then they are allowed.
What doesn't belong here
Excessive Roleplay - Gaiapedia does not specializes in recruitment/club/roleplay content. The following alternatives are available:
Gaia Online Profiles Wiki (up for adoption)
There are many online forums built for this activity.
Social blogging sites such as LiveJournal, tumblr, and Facebook.
Spam - Threads must not contain gibberish or spam.
Abuse - Threads must not be for the purpose of insulting users or inciting arguments.
Bumps - Bump messages should only be posted 24 hours after a lack of activity on a thread. Threads should have no more than two successive bumps.
Over all, enjoy the forums, this a blank canvas which you can fill with ideas, discussions, and news! If you are ever in doubt, merely contact one of our admins!
The layout of this topic was modified from Halo's wiki forums
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